What do gearheads do when their significant others want to go on a cruise? Up until now, they had to grin and bear it, but now, they can go on the Norwegian Joy; a cruise ship so big, it has it’s own gokart track!Don’t believe us? Check it out: If […]

Gearheads Finally Have a Cruise Ship Designed For Them!

While we wouldn’t really call many of these funny, we have to admit we love a good accident or fail compilation.  This one from 2015 is one of krazier compilations we have seen: Haven’t had enough? Check out this Top 10 Fail Compilation  Top 10 MOST EPIC Ship Crashes Compilation!

Epic Krazy Boat Crash and Ship Accident Compilation!

If you’re looking for the greatest show on water, Top Fuel Hydros will give you the best experience ever.  Top Fuel Hydros are great to watch. Typically, they have two types of hulls such as watercraft and outrigger style. Their engines are 500 cubic inches, they have nitro-methane and alcohol. […]

The Greatest Show on Water: Top Fuel Hydros

Are these underwater discoveries really that shocking? Maybe not, BUT they definitely are interesting! Wish we had an underwater kayak to explore some of these! #15 Mutants – Just Kidding, it’s just Ice You might think this blue ice look like a mutant’s lair. The blue thing is really just a […]

15 Most Shocking Underwater Discoveries Caught On Camera!

One of the things we love about sailing is getting to explore new places!  Sailing Doodles went from the Virgin Sound to the Baths and do some exploring! Where would YOU go?

Sailing to New Places!

We could tell you about these amphibious vehicles, but you have to see them to believe them! 7. Sherp ATV It looks like a terrain truck but it can perform more than what a truck can. It clears many obstacles with its inflatable four wheels. You can use it everywhere […]

7 Outrageous Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See To Believe!