If you’re looking for the greatest show on water, Top Fuel Hydros will give you the best experience ever.  Top Fuel Hydros are great to watch. Typically, they have two types of hulls such as watercraft and outrigger style. Their engines are 500 cubic inches, they have nitro-methane and alcohol. […]

The Greatest Show on Water: Top Fuel Hydros

Are these underwater discoveries really that shocking? Maybe not, BUT they definitely are interesting! Wish we had an underwater kayak to explore some of these! #15 Mutants – Just Kidding, it’s just Ice You might think this blue ice look like a mutant’s lair. The blue thing is really just a […]

15 Most Shocking Underwater Discoveries Caught On Camera!

Sadly, while ESD deaths are more and more frequently making the news, it becomes clearer that many people are unaware of the dangers of Electric Shock Drownings (ESD) that can occur nears docks with AC power near them.  If you would rather watch then read, check out this video explaining […]

What is ESD, and How Can You Avoid This Silent Killer?

This wake boater encounters more problems they can handle.  The first 6 minutes of the video shows other boats in a little bit of chop recovering, but then things go wrong for the wake boat.  Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, even when things get THIS BAD, nobody on […]

Sinking Of A Wake Boat

The $39M megayacht Yogi, practically brand new, award-winning, and nothing short of epic, sank in the Aegean in 2012.  She had just left port, both her engines overheated, AND what was supposed to be a watertight door blew open, and she rapidly sunk.  Luckily, the Greek Coast Guard was able […]

Megayacht Sinking Calls In The Greek Coast Guard!