Boaty McBoatFace Launches Amazing Mission!! [UPDATE]

Boaty McBoatface is the name that won when NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) needed a name for their new research vessel, and they thought an internet contest was the best way to come up with a name!  Despite that major win, the vessel was actually named The RRS Sir David Attenborough, which is actually still being built.  According to NPR, THAT will take a total of 18 months, so she should be in service some time next year. Here she is being built:

But, this story is about Boaty McBoatface; the submersible that actually received the contest-winning name, and is not waiting for the Attenborough to complete construction before embarking on her own maiden voyage!  This Friday, she’ll be heading to the Orkney Passage to map Antarctic Bottom Water current to help better understand how the ocean and climate are interrelated.

As it turns out, according to the BBC, there are actually THREE Boaty McBoatfaces:

“The name covers a trio of vehicles in the new Autosub Long Range class of underwater robots developed at Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

“These machines can all be configured slightly differently depending on the science tasks they are given.

“The one that will initiate the ‘adventures of Boaty’ will head out of Punta Arenas, Chile, on Friday aboard Britain’s current polar ship, the RRS James Clark Ross.”

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Boaty McBoatface is DEAD!

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