The Kraziest Thing About THIS Story Is…?

When you are The Captain of a vessel, you have literally one job; do NOT fail to get your ship and it’s passengers safely to their destination.  Now, there are so many things that go into that; controlling your vessel, understanding the tides, knowing the weather, and just general situational awareness.  Now, it seems like THIS captain failed at one of those basic items:

Of course, when you are a news caster, your one job is to accurately report facts!  Now, if you had one chance to be on the news, even if it was for something as embarrassing  as wrecking your boat, you might want people to think you are little more well off than you are, and might brag a little about what your boat cost.  BUT, a newscaster should do a little basic fact checking.

We have seem some expensive boats in our time, but if we spent $1.7 Millions dollars on a yacht, we sure hope we could get something better than a 51 foot Sea Ray Sundancer!  And, further inspection makes US wonder if it wasn’t really a 40′ Sea Ray Fly 400, since we don’t know of ANY Sundancers with a Fly Bridge! And that should put it in the ballpark of about twenty or so tons, wouldn’t it?

Well, it could be worse. he could be THIS GUY!!

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE FAIL Dubstepified!

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