Inside A Billionaire’s 205-ft Mega-Yacht

Apogee, Darwin Deason’s $70 million-dollar, 250 foot luxury mega yacht, can be chartered for a mere $400,000 per week…. plus fees.

Darwin has always been a boater at heart, and started off with a small 14 footer when he was young, then eventually moved up to a 118 foot yacht. Of course, that wasn’t enough, so he upgraded yet again to the Apogee, the massive 160 footer you see here!  You can be certain is is not only bigger than your average home, including a bar, huge hot tub, and gym, but he can also select the more important factor when pricing real estate; he can choose any location he wants, as long as there is some water nearby! But seriously, we are talking about over twelve THOUSAND square feet of living area on this boat!  It takes a crew of nearly twenty individuals to run this operation, which is not small feat!

If you think about the initial cost of this boat, we are guessing that crew of twenty, plus the amount maintenance, and staggering cost of fuel to move such a monumental vessel, he is probably spending millions EVERY YEAR just to keep this thing running! Is it worth it?  Well, he certainly seems to think so, but what do YOU think? How does it compare to THIS?

Russian Billionaire’s mega yacht Part 2


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