What can $300 MILLION buy you?? Russian Billionaire’s Mega Yacht Part 1

Meet “Mega Yacht A” (or Motor Yacht A, or even Superyacht A) designed by Philippe Starck, built by Blohm and Voss for the billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Mega Yacht A is one of the 25 largest superyachts in the world, measuring 394 feet long with 3 pools, and 7 cabins, and can accommodate 14 guests. But it’s not your average luxury yacht! Just check out some of the interior!

Andrey is reported to be the 139th richest person in the world and the design of his superyacht has caused much controversy within the yacht circles. The outer appearance is definitely unique and does not follow the same yacht patters but rather takes on a more military style.  Due to this very interesting style, its living spaces are noticeably reduced compared to other yachts. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that this yacht is lacking in ANY way in when it comes to luxury.  Floor to ceiling windows, 3 swimming pools (one with a glass bottom), and an owners cabin complete with a rotating bed and bomb proof glass. If you have furry friends accompanying you on a long trip at sea, don’t worry! Andrey had this yacht fitted with patches of grass on the ship specifically for his dog, not to mention some equally as nice sleeping accommodations. The very lavish interior that makes this boat feel like a modern dream, we don’t think you would have any trouble feeling right at home on a long trip!

The yacht is powered by 2 diesel engines, has a top speed of 26 mph (23 knots), and a cruising speed of 22 mph (19.5 knots).  While it is definitely not the fastest yacht (check out the World’s Fastest Ferry for that!!), we have ever seen the luxury of it more than makes up for it. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in efficiency giving it a 6,500 nautical mile range.

The good news is Andrey is looking to sell this yacht as he most recently upgraded to the incredible Sailing Yacht A. If you have about 300 million lying around this bit of luxury can be yours too!   Wondering what he traded it in for?? Check THIS out!!

Just What Happened To Sailing Yacht A??



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