Bill from Georgia lands a big Goliath Grouper in Stuart Florida. It’s hard to believe JUST HOW BIG some of these fish can get! But did you know they can easily be over three feet long, and actually weigh well over 250lbs, and that’s not even remotely uncommon?? That will put dinner on the table, don’t you think?

As massive as THIS grouper is, there have been reports of  a grouper being caught that weighs almost FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS!! Then, two years after that one, in 2010, someone in Costa Rica reeled in a seven and a half foot long grouper weighing a staggering 500 lbs, which is almost hard to believe.

680-pound goliath grouper aka jewfish

Courtesy IGFA /

You would think there can’t have possibly been any bigger grouper than THAT, can there?  Well, amazingly enough, way back 1961, somewhere off the coast of Florida, a group caught what is now the certified world record breaking 680 pound Goliath grouper!  This Grouper is now considered endangered, so if you happen to catch one today, we would have to recommend you throw is back, no matter HOW big it is!

But, is it bigger than THIS?

Monster Fishing on Shallow Florida Wrecks

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