This Is The BEST Racing On Television!

The American Sprint Boat Racing is one of the events that people who are into racing look forward to. It is a racing sport that involves the use of jet boats with more than 1000 horsepower to race at more than 80 MP/H, pulling up to 7G’s. This event takes place in the Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA.

What makes watching this racing event SO exciting is that the participants were not given any time to practice on the field. The drivers were also not given any idea on the track rotation until the night before the race took place. The course configuration wasn’t even revealed until race day morning, keeping the teams guessing! In addition to that, the drivers who missed just a single turn would be disqualified. Now, when it comes to the track, it is 3 feet deep and 15 feet wide. The driver needs to make 27 turns. In order for the driver to be able to make it to the final two, they first need to pass the qualifying round, 8-cut and 4-cut eliminations.

Among all the participants of the event, many spectators were anticipating how well #69 (Hushes/Haskey) would do. They did not disappoint and were the fastest team to finish during the qualifying round. They made it to the finals but the competition was tough; #146 Werner/Brown gave them a run and were able to finish the race within just 46.478. They had the fastest run for the day until #69 beat them with grueling 43.897 seconds. Congratulations to the champions of the race!

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