Amazing Ship Shipping Ship You Have to See to Believe

You will surely be amazed at this enormous and large shipping vessel known as Blue Marlin when it arrives at the Rotterdam harbor, after it traveled for about 57 days. Being the sister ship of MV Black Marlin, Blue Marlin is also an incredibly heavy lift type of ship and is currently owned by the Netherlands Dockwise Shipping.

The video was captured when it arrived from Shanghai, China, carrying a heavy load of “Dutch” barges. It made a world record not just because of its gigantic size, but also because of the heavy loads it carried after a long journey.

Anyone who is able to see this heavy lift transport vessel will agree that it can accommodate the large volume of goods and raw materials for shipping. It is considered as a king among other types of ships from different countries.

You may wonder how this ship was built while the manufacturer makes it float, especially sinceĀ it was too large, compared to other regular sizes of shipping vessels around the world. It is designed to carry other ships, rigs, or any other heavy and large ships that cannot be carried by just a regular ship. It has an enormous capacity, which can lift a total weight of goods of about 73,000 tons.

It is unrivaled when it comes to its capacity and size. It has a gross weight of 56,000 metric tons and length of 738 feet. It is run by a 17,160 HP engine with a 14-knot speed.
If we were to compare, it consists of 38 cabins which can accommodate about 60 people. Aside from cabins, it has also additional facilities such as workout room, swimming pools, and sauna.

Blue Marlin also operates in any part of the world. One of its major operation is hauling and deploying rigs of oil. When it comes to the world record, Blue Marlin has a historical record when it was able to haul the largest of the world’s semi-submersible type of oil platform which is known as the Thunder Horse PQD that weighs about 60,0000 tons. It traveled from Okpo, South Korea going to Corpus Christi, Texas with a distance of 15,000 miles.

This is just one of its historical record, not to mention other activities it did since it was built. It even boosted its enormous capacity and improve its maneuverability which exceeds the total standards of each oil companies who have benefited from its function.

This shipping vessel is very beneficial to international oil companies who transported large oil rigs to other countries. It provided a valuable contribution due to its one of a kind design and capacity, making it competitive among other large vessels. Just see for yourself!

We just wish that this large vessel will continue to operate safely since it can carry a lot of life in the sea as it traveled for a long journey from one country to another. It already amazed us with its overall function and capability and we are waiting for additional features to be added on this uniquely built ship in the coming future.

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