Alpine’s Krazy Marine Audio Demo Boat – This Is An Insane Installation You Have To See!

We are big audio junkies here at Boat Krazy, and we were truly impressed when we saw, and heard, this boat in person a few years ago.  When you see the making of this boat, you’ll see exactly why we were so impressed with all of the custom work that went into it.   It is, of course, no surprise that the Alpine system in it sounds amazing, since Alpine has a reputation of making fantastic equipment, which we can vouch for; we’ve installed their equipment in many of our vehicles.

There is no disclosure statement here; we are not sponsored or affiliated with the company in any way; we are just big fans.  For Marine Audio, we would definitely recommend Alpine.  But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, we can also vouch for the amazing power of Hifonics Zuez ELITE amplifiers, which match up nicely with the amazing speakers from SoundQubed.

Check out the making of the boat!

Making of the Alpine Marine Demo Boat – You Have To See The Work That Went Into This!

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