8 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try!

Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the water, either on your boat, or with one of these! What better way to amplify the fun than with water toys?! Below is the list of 8 insane water toys everyone must try.

8. Subwing – A handheld fin that allows you to swim like a sea creature!! Its intelligent design allows you to perform complex spins simply by twisting the wings.

7. WoKart – Ever wanted to go-kart on the water? Then the WoKart is what you need. These toys have a top speed of 47 knots (~50mph) and are stable enough to do 90 degree turns without flipping!

6. Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard This is the perfect water toy for surfers. It like a combination of a surf board and a jetski, and will get you moving up to 40mph! Who needs a tow into an epic wave when you have one of these! If its a flat day, you don’t even need a wave to feel that rush of adrenaline on the water!

5. Jetovator Flying Bike – Want to experience flying in the air, above the sea? The Jetovator will allow you to do so. You can go 25 feet in the air at up to 25mph. Since it requires a jetski to operate this is the perfect summer toy for trips with all your friends!

4. Jetlev – A power jet-pack that is like a miniature version of a speedboat with a water pump and a 250 horsepower. It comes with an autonomous boat that holds the heavy stuff and delivers pressurized water to the backpack.

3. Zapata Flyboard – This Flyboard allows you to fly high above the water and perform awesome tricks. Similar to the other toys on this list, the hose is attached to a jetski that follows you around and delivers pressurized water.

2. Seabob – The worlds fastest water and diving scooter. It can serve as your personal guide whenever you want to go and explore underwater.

1. Seabreacher – You won’t want to miss this customizable semi-submersible submarine that can accommodate 2 people. Equipped with a 260 horsepower supercharged engine, you’ll cut through the water like butter. It looks like a dolphin and can move like one too!

There you have the 8 insane water toys that you must try out for your next water adventure!

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