7 Outrageous Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See To Believe!

We could tell you about these amphibious vehicles, but you have to see them to believe them!

7. Sherp ATV

It looks like a terrain truck but it can perform more than what a truck can. It clears many obstacles with its inflatable four wheels. You can use it everywhere from extreme land terrain to water.

6. UHAC (Ultra Heavy Amphibious Connector)

It’s a US Military Course designed to master both water and land. It floats on the water even when it has heavy loads.

5. Gibbs Biski (Gibbs Amphibians)

If you wish you had a motorcycle and a jetski in one, Gibbs Biski is the best for you. With a touch of a button, you can switch from motor power to a water propulsion jet ski. This biski can go 80 mph on land and 37mph on water thanks to its 2 cylinder 55 horsepower engine. This amphibious bike is a guaranteed good time.

4. Gibbs Quadski

Next to Biski is its quad-wheel counterpart, the quadski. It’s awesome on both water and on land so you’ll surely enjoy riding on it with a partner. Although it’s quite big for its size, it’s made of lightweight materials for smooth sailing. This awesome vehicle has the ability to go 45 mph on either water or land. Yoohooo!

3. Rinspeed Squba

Inspired by James Bond the first-world diving car, Rinspeed Squba is powered by 3 electric motors – one for land and two for water. It’s a concept prototype only based of a lotus elise. Since it is a topless car, when it dives under water, the two occupants breath through scuba regulators.

2. Amphibious Bus Tour

Don’t panic if you see a tour bus splash into the water. This tour bus brought to you by Splash Tours is supposed to do that! On these tour buses, you’ll see the city in a very unique and awesome way!

1. Watercar Panther

This epic amphibian is based off a Jeep CJ-8 and comes with a 300hp Acura (aka Honda) 3.7 liter V6 engine with a fiber glass hull. You can fly around town, on sand dunes and in the water with this incredible vehicle.

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