The Quickest Way To Stop A Boat?!?

Powerboat racing is ALWAYS exciting!  People who aren’t in the know might assume that boat racing is safer than car racing, but those are people who have no idea what the water feels like when you hit it at the speed these guys do!

Hitting the water at speeds over 60 knots isn’t much different than hitting concrete! Paul Scott and Iain Sanderson went from about 74mph to zero in MAYBE half a second!  You don’t a physics degree (but if you have one, check our math!) to figure out they probably went through about 6Gs of deceleration!  You have to give the racing gear credit for them being OK and the race crew for a speedy recovery!  Still, we have to wonder if these racing boats are covered by insurance, and what kind of fight their lawyer would have to win if they had a claim!

At least they didn’t do THIS:

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE Drop Dubstepified!




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