200 MPH Boats Collide!!

This is the Aqua Mania 10, a 50 foot speed boat competing in the Super Boat International off shore racing series in the Turbine class. As with all the other boats in this class, these boats require two operators, throttleman Rick Merola (and also happens to be the owner!) and driver Gregg Rosen. This beast is equipped with two T53-107 Lycoming turbine engines each making 1,850 HP!!!

This is arguably the sickest boat racing out there!  These guys are just ONE of the amazing players!  You think that video was intense? Just check out the Suprt Boat NBC 2016 Key West World Championships!

The crash below right before the 2 minute mark blew us away, and it’s amazing they were able to recover!  But that isn’t even the most impressive part. Just watch!


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