What can we say about THIS video off the coast of San Francisco that hasn’t been said before; epic fail, bad idea boating, just plain expensive? It doesn’t take a degree to know this wasn’t a good idea! This 35 foot boat goes from million dollar toy to million and a […]

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE FAIL Dubstepified!

Everyone worries about outsourcing of jobs affecting employment, but are autonomous ships and vehicles the real threat to the economy?  Until recently, autonomous planes have been primarily military craft, but now cars and even ships are becoming autonomous! Now, you can think of lots of reasons you might want a […]

Will Autonomous Ships Kills Off Even MORE Jobs??

The Boat Ramp is always a place of excitement, but it not JUST about Epic Fails. Sometimes, you see some of the coolest things!  Have you ever seen a Boaterhome, half RV/van, half boat? How about this girl and her half car recovery vehicle? How about the Rollerboat, that turns […]

Top 3 Boat Ramp Experiences You Don’t See Every Day!

No matter where you are in the world, a yacht means luxury and fun, and Croatia is no exception.  The great part of boat ownership is you get to take it to some amazing places, and if you travel, you can always find someone’s boat to party on! When you […]

Croatia Yacht Week is One Adventure Not To Be Missed!

In Indonesia, Interpol has seized a ship carrying 18 mils (30km) of illegal gillnets that had evaded capture in several other countries, including China.  This ship has been called “a risk to almost all marine life” by some, and according to Reuters, the STS-50 being run by a crew of […]

Russian Slave Fishing Ship with 18 Miles Of Illegal Gillnets Seized!

Fishing off the Gold Coast of Australia is always a good time!  Yellow Tail Kingfish, a nice alternative to tuna, is always a good option there.  These folks out to catch some, and here are their results! You can find much of the same equipment they used over at our Amazon […]

They Took Their New Offshore Boat Out Fishing Then Caught THIS!!